Director of Engineering

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Engineering | Full-time


HackerEarth is an AI-powered developer assessment software that helps companies accurately measure a developer’s skills through online coding tests. It takes a skill-based approach to assessment, allowing companies to automatically generate standardized tests based on various skills and then accurately measure the developer’s performance on those skills.

We proudly serve 500+ customers across the globe with many of the fortune 1000 names in the list like Walmart, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft etc. We have assessed more than 1M candidates, support 37 different programming languages, provide 8 different types of assessment techniques and enable assessments across 100+ different skills.

HackerEarth also has a community version of the product that is used by developers all across the globe, to assess their coding skills, become better at it, and measure their true potential. They do it by solving coding challenges across different topics/skills and by participating in online competitions/hackathons. We have a thriving community of 6M developers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Responsible for creating a vision and an executable charter for multiple engineering teams.

Establish, own and drive north star metrics for engineering teams.

Responsible for mapping business objectives to an optimum engineering structure, including correct estimation of resource allocation.

Responsible for key technical and product decisions. Provide direction and mentorship to the team. Set up best practices for engineering.

Work closely with the Product Managers and help them in getting relevant inputs from the engineering team.

Plan and track the development and release schedules, proactively assess and mitigate risks. Prepare for contingencies and provide visible leadership in crisis.

Work closely with EMs, team leads and other senior engineers , conduct their 1:1s, understand their requirements, and facilitate an environment where each engineer is happy and productive.

Work individually with engineers and help them with correct time estimation and scoping of tasks.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of various engineers, and then map projects to career paths of various engineers.

Conduct regular 1:1s for performance feedback and lead their appraisals.

Responsible for driving good coding practices in the team like good quality code, documentation, timely bug fixing etc.

Be responsible for product metrics and drive them in the team.

Interact with other engineering teams, facilitate discussion among them and provide a framework for inter-team collaboration.

Build teams, hire the best talent with the right dynamics. Foster a result-oriented, performance-driven culture by setting clear goals, career paths, core competencies, reward and recognition mechanisms for the engineering team.

Create and maintain an open and transparent environment that values speed and innovation, motivates engineers to build innovative and effective systems rapidly.

Required Skills:

11+ years of strong experience in full-stack software product development, with at least 5+ years in engineering leadership positions.

Technically hands-on with prior experience in at least one compiled language (C, Java), one dynamic scripting language (e.g. Ruby, Python, Perl), web technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript), and database technologies (SQL & NoSQL).

Experience with architecture, high and low-level technical design.

Experience working with high-performance technical teams and the ability to create a culture based on those best practices.

Experience working with Product Managers and UX Designers

Excellent people manager. Strong in building relationships and collaborating with others.

A strong vision and ability to deliver quickly in fast-paced startup culture.